Thursday, December 23, 2010

Semi Trucks Increase Your Fuel Mileage Savings Fuel Cost To Sky Rocket

Semi Trucks Increase Your Fuel Mileage Savings Fuel Cost To Sky Rocket

Many of those who drive for a company do not worry too much about the cost of the fuel or how many gallons they get per mile because they get paid based on the number of miles they drive or some per load. The Fuel cost rising will be of great concern for the owner operators whom will and need to pay very close attention to these figures because they have to cover all the costs of their own fuel. In many cases this cost can be as much as 40% of the gross earnings per month.

Of course there are some factors that will affect your fuel mileage in a semi truck that you really can't control. They include the wind, weather conditions and the weight of the load you are hauling. The cost of fuel per gallon is also something that you won't be able to do much about.

For owner operators and small business truck owners, there are some ways you can increase your fuel mileage that aren't going to cost you very much to implement.

Review the following for practical tips to conserve gas:

Drive reasonably within the speed limit. Remember that speeds of more than 60 miles per hour increase fuel consumption.

The Truck’s maintenance engine should be given a regular tune up, the tires should always have the right air pressure and efficiently aligned, the oil should be changed when needed and air filters replaced regularly. Clogged filters air, oil, fuel filters, all can affect gas consumption adversely by up to twenty percent. Be sure you are using the correct filters both oil and fuel filters. Some brands clog easily some engines only do best with the brand recommended for that engine and model.

The amount of air in the tires will affect your fuel mileage as well be sure to check them regularly.

Turn off the engine whenever there is an opportunity. Idle engine wastes fuel. There are instances where the engine could be turned off.

Avoid sudden starts, accelerations and stops. Acceleration should be done gradually. The gas pedal should not be stepped on more than one fourth of the way down. This will allow the engine to function most efficiently. Gas conservation could reach up to 5 percent if sudden stops, jerks and accelerations are avoided.

Windows should be closed on highways. Windows that are open can create air drag that can decrease the fuel consumption by 10%. Check exterior make sure there is nothing causing any unwanted drag.

Avoid traveling on rough roads as much as possible. Dirt, bumps, rough roads and gravels can cause 30% increase in fuel consumption.

Take out unnecessary weight or baggage, any tools or things that are not needed should be taken out. 100 pounds of extra baggage can affect fuel economy by two percent.

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